|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|64,000 Sq. Ft.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|10,000 Sq. Ft.
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|24,500 Sq. .Ft.
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|42,400
Penn & Beech Candle Co.
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,300 Sq. Ft.
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|27,000 Sq. Ft.
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|21,000 Sq. Ft.
Next Gear Capital
|Carmel, IN |Tenant Improvement|78,000 Sq. Ft.
OBGYN of Indiana
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|10,800
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|17,400 Sq. Ft.
2555 N. Meridian Lobby Remodel
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|20,000 Sq. Ft.
Board of Certified Safety Professionals
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|37,000 Sq. Ft.
Republic Services
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|67,000 Sq. Ft.
Delta Faucet
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|4,000 Sq. Ft.
Edgeworth Laskey Office
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,700 Sq. Ft.
Encore Sotheby’s
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|5,800 Sq. Ft.
Yellow Pages Group
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|8,000 Sq. Ft.
United Package Liquors
|Plainfield, IN|Tenant Improvement|4,200 Sq. Ft.
DWA Healthcare
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|12,000 Sq. Ft.
Dottie Couture
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|1,300
Architects Forum
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|3,200 Sq. Ft.
Mitsch Design
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|8,800 Sq. Ft.
Pure Barre
|Fishers, IN|Tenant Improvement|1,700 Sq. Ft.
Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|5,300 Sq. Ft.
Animal Eye Clinic
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|1,700 Sq. Ft.
Pet Valu
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,900 Sq. Ft.
Zeller Realty Group
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|1,700 Sq. Ft.
Level Office
|San Diego, CA|Tenant Improvement|8,400 Sq. Ft.
Meridian Mark II Conference Center
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|6,500 Sq. Ft.
CNO Breakroom
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|1,200 Sq. Ft.
|Fishers, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,300 Sq. Ft.
Revive Nails
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|1,900 Sq. Ft.
College Nannies + Tutors
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|1,400 Sq. Ft.
Batteries + Bulbs
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|1,900 Sq. Ft.
Landmark Center
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,700 Sq. Ft.
Indiana Association of United Ways
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|10,700 Sq. Ft.
Applied Engineering
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|12,000 Sq. Ft.
Indiana Youth Group
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|15,000 Sq. Ft.
Kenzie Academy
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,200 Sq. Ft.
PNC Center Lounge
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,400 Sq. Ft.
Jones Lang Lasalle
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|10,600 Sq. Ft.
Dragonfly Salon
|Fishers, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,300 Sq. Ft.
Sweeties Gourmet Treats
|Fishers, IN|Tenant Improvement|3,200 Sq. Ft.
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|22,000 Sq. Ft.
|Chicago's O'Hare International Airport|Tenant Improvement|50,000 Sq. Ft.
Sixt Rent a Car
|Chicago's O'Hare International Airport|Tenant Improvement|5,000 Sq. Ft.
World Wide Technology
|Franklin, TN|Tenant Improvement|3,900 Sq. Ft.
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|15,400 Sq. Ft.
|Franklin, TN|Tenant Improvement|6,200 Sq. Ft.
Sigma Tau Gamma- TI
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|15,000 Sq. Ft.
SLK Clinic
|Nashville, TN|Tenant Improvement|2,000 Sq. Ft.
Massage Envy
|Avon, IN|Tenant Improvement|3,200 Sq. Ft.
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|16,200 Sq. Ft.
Englin’s fine footwear
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|1,800 Sq. Ft.
Trueblood Real Estate
|Fishers, IN|Tenant Improvement|3,000 Sq. Ft.
Midland Atlantic
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|3,100 Sq. Ft.
Platinum Recruiting
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,000 Sq. Ft.
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|4,900 Sq. Ft.
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|15,000 Sq. Ft.
Hair Club
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|5,400 Sq. Ft.
Hertz Conference Center
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|17,200 Sq. Ft.
|Brentwood, TN|Tenant Improvement|12,500 Sq. Ft.
Indiana Sports Corp
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|8,000 Sq. Ft.
FC Tucker Crosspoint
|Fishers, IN|Tenant Improvement|7,500 Sq. Ft.
Regus Parkwood
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|16,000 Sq. Ft.
Lanter Eye Care
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,800 Sq. Ft.
Valor3 Barbers + Brews
|Fishers, IN|Tenant Improvement|1,200 Sq. Ft.
Yoga Six
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,800 Sq. Ft.
Dottie Couture
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,400 Sq. Ft.
VMS BioMarketing
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|14,800 Sq. Ft.
Vanderbilt University Data Science Institute
|Nashville, TN|Tenant Improvement|5,600 Sq. Ft.
Comer Nowling
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|9,400 Sq. Ft.
Lake Pointe IV Tenant Lounge
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|1,200 Sq. Ft.
Katz Korin Cunningham
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|37,500 Sq. Ft.
Clinical Architecture
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|22,500 Sq. Ft.
Parallel Design Group
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,800 Sq. Ft.
Strategic Capital Partners
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|4,000 Sq. Ft.
Tide Cleaners
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|1,460 Sq. Ft.
IVX Health
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,000 Sq. Ft.
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|2,400 Sq. Ft.
Braunability R & D Interior
|Carmel, IN|Tenant Improvement|20,000 Sq. Ft.
|Plainfield, IN|Tenant Improvement|1,900 Sq. Ft.
Loews Hotel Call Center
|Franklin, TN|Tenant Improvement|27,775 Sq. Ft.
BMO Plaza
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|6,000 Sq. Ft.
Little Red Door Cancer Agency
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|14,000 Sq. Ft.
Somerset CPA’s
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|64,800 Sq. Ft.
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|18,000 Sq. Ft.
|Indianapolis, IN|Tenant Improvement|4,000 Sq. Ft.
Additional Projects: Tenant Improvement