July News

“Summer days, fading away, but oh those summer nights!”

July, 2021

Where is summer going? Kids are already going back to school and all of the sudden we are more than halfway through the year after “the year!”  Our Indy/corporate office truly enjoyed our annual summer party this month hosted by our President, where we took the time to eat, drink, play and catch up on life.

Strategic project planning has begun for Q4 and getting projects underway before we contend with winter conditions in many markets.  We are seeing a lot of retail and restaurant activity, which is refreshing to see coming back strong.

The projects featured this month range from small to large, and across a variety of verticals, showing the wide breadth of our team’s capabilities. More photos can be viewed on our facebook page. As always, if you’re interested in talking further about our work or a potential project, please contact Lauren Kriner!

May you enjoy every bit of those summer nights and make those long days last!

M.J. SCHUETZ INSURANCE SERVICES- Indianapolis, IN- 18,200 Sq. Ft.

There are so many amazing colors and perspectives in the new M.J. Schuetz Insurance Services headquarters, which moved this year from Monument Circle to just north in the 16-Tech/Indiana Ave. area of downtown Indianapolis. A refurbished old 18,000+ SF warehouse has been converted into their new home! What a vision the team at Rottman Collier Architects had in incorporating the bright colors and providing an office environment that works for the M.J. team. Kudos to the PDS team at JLL for spearheading this move, as well as furniture by RJE Business Interiors and photos by Caitlin Sullivan.

MURAT SHRINE TEMPLE- Indianapolis, IN- 9,800 Sq. Ft

What a transformation the downtown Indianapolis’ Murat Shrine Temple went through over the past nine months. Our team fully remodeled 9,800 square feet, including their Oasis and Tunisian event rooms, providing all new finishes, lighting, and a larger bar. We also installed operable glass walls between rooms and opened up the building to a walk-out patio with custom metal railing and an ADA Ramp. The Shriners now have a modern home to conduct their meetings and events. Design is compliments of Arx 360 and Carson Design.

BACH 2 ROCK- Zionsville, IN- 2,700 Sq. Ft.

Have we mentioned how much we love repeat clients? The growing music school, Bach 2 Rock, opened their 3rd Indy-area music school and studio this month in Zionsville along Michigan Road! It’s been so fun watching the Flickner family grow their beloved brand around the City, and see so many people of all ages embrace their love of music. The new school, part of the Weston Shoppes, is 2,700 square feet, is laid out by Zionsville-based DesignPoint.

EGG HARBOR CAFE- Hinsdale, IL- 5,500 Sq. Ft.

Capitol Construction’s Chicago team recently completed their second project for Egg Harbor Café when they moved to their new location in historic downtown Hinsdale, IL. The 5,500 sq. ft. restaurant offers breakfast and lunch daily in a cozy setting and Warren Johnson Architects of Palatine, IL designed the cafe.

SOMERSET CPA’S- Indianapolis, IN- 65,000 Sq. Ft.

Our tenant improvement team wrapped up a 65,000 square foot, three-floor occupied remodel of Indianapolis-based Somerset CPA’s this month.  The growing accounting firm needed a complete refresh of their space to better correspond with their goal of attracting young talent, so no finish went untouched over the 18-month transformation.  Local firm, Schott Design, worked with the Somerset and the Cush Wake project management team to create a more functional space, which also includes a new internal staircase.  The Somerset team is loving the changes!

PENN & BEECH- Columbus, OH- 3,000 Sq. Ft.

Another home-grown team we have loved watching grow is custom candle blender, Penn & Beech Candle Co. We completed their thriving Midtown Carmel location in 2019 and have now helped them rebuild and rebrand a concept in the Columbus, OH market to open two new locations.  These buildouts have been fast paced, allowing the P & B team to bring their experience to the area quickly.  Congrats to our friends on their continued success!

GYU-KAKU JAPANESE BBQ- Burlington, MA- 3,200 Sq. Ft.

Capitol’s Chicago team recently completed a new Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ restaurant in Burlington, MA. The 3,200 sq. ft. space has seating for 100, as well as a private dining area. Guests share premium cooked meats over a flaming charcoal grill at their table, which features a down draft system to direct the smoke into the bottom of the table and away from guests. DXU Architects of Chicago designed the restaurant. This is Capitol’s second Gyu-Kaku project, with a third one finishing up in Denver, CO.

OCTAPHARMA- Lexington, KY- 11,325 Sq. Ft.

The need for plasma donations and saving lives continues to grow! Capitol’s Chicago office recently completed their 8th Octapharma Plasma tenant improvement project in Lexington, KY. The 11,325 sq. ft. space was designed by Kansas-based Archetype Design Group and includes donor rooms, a break room, offices and a plasma processing area.  We love helping our clients grow around the country!

CUPS COFFEE- Indianapolis, IN- 600 Sq. Ft.

The new and improved Cups Coffee reopened in downtown Indy’s Cap Center with a modern new look created by Schott Design! Grab your favorite hot or cold cup from this local favorite or place a mobile order in advance. Our team has completed an extensive refresh of all lobby, common areas and spec suites at Zeller’s Cap Center, and Cups is the icing on the cake! Welcome back, Cups!!